DEVRY NR 351 Entire Course

DEVRY NR 351 Entire Course

DEVRY NR 351 Entire Course

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Scholarly Discussion (graded)
What are the principles of scholarly discussion in an online environment? How does this differ from a friendly conversation or social network? How can we ensure that our course discussions remain scholarly?

Strategies for Success in the Online Learning Environment (graded)
List your strengths and areas for improvement or barriers as you begin this online program. Identify strategies for success in the online learning environment. Identify strategies to overcome your identified barriers.

A Community Learns About APA Format (graded)
As we learn together about APA format and its use in scholarly communication, questions will undoubtedly surface. Your initial post should be a well-developed question about a specific area of APA format that is particularly troublesome to you (stating something like "How do I cite a source?" is not specific). When you respond to a classmate, if possible, attempt to provide an answer to the classmate's question, including the p. number (page number) from the APA Manual. HINT: By the end of the week, we'll have a great collection of APA Questions & Answers with p. numbers!

Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Communication (graded)
Nurses communicate with a wide variety of people each day: patients, families, other nurses, people in the community, and other healthcare professionals. What factors ensure that both written and oral communications with other healthcare professionals are clear and professional? Describe how nurses can best use professional communication to improve interdisciplinary collaboration.


Socialization for the Nurse Returning to School...

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