• Attention getting - How many of you guy and girls know someone in a fraternity or thought about being in a frat or sorority. 
• Benefits - Looking good all the time, Brotherhood, and connections in job opportunities.
• Qualifications - I have a lot of friends in fraternities and also my whole family were in Frats or Sororities.
• Main Points - Attire, Lifestyle, Reasons to join

I. Attire
A. ralph Lauren, brooks brothers, sperrys, patagonia, columbia, Southern tide, southern proper.
B. visuals

I just told you about the attire fraternity kids wear, now im going to talk about the type of lifestyle these kids live.

I. Lifestyle - 2 sources
A. parties
B. Golf course 
C. Social Gatherings
D. Girls

Man seeming like the good life, now its time for me to tell you reasons why you should join a fraternity.

I. Reasons to joining - 1 source 
A. brotherhood
B. learn leadership / connections

• Summarize Main Points - I told you about the attire of frat members, the lifestyle, and the reasons why you should join a fraternity. A fraternity isn’t for everyone but I honestly thing everyone that goes to a university should look into it.
• Closing thoughts - Even if the frat life is not for you, at least give it a try

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