outside these appendices. For your convenience, a conversion sheet with the pagination from the 8th edition is available on Canvas as file 001A: Conversion Sheet With Old Page Numbers (Eighth Edition).
W 27 Introduction: Literature—Why it Matters and How to Read it F 29 How Not to Start a Story (or: Don’t Try This at Home)
Geoffrey Chaucer, General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales, 194-213; “Geoffrey Chaucer” 188-91; “The Canterbury Tales” 191-93; and "The General Prologue" 193. Please note: pagination from here through Gray's "Elegy" refers to NAELMA-A, the first of our anthology volumes.


W 3 And Pilgrims Were They All
Geoffrey Chaucer, General Prologue to The Canterbury Tales 194-213 read: “The Middle Ages” 3-6, 13-25

F 5 A Churl’s Tale Geoffrey Chaucer, The Miller’s Tale including Prologue; 214-30
[please note: All sections meet beginning this week] M 8 Noweles Flood! 1ST Exercise due in section (Monday and Tuesday)
Geoffrey Chaucer, The Miller’s Tale, second day; informal evaluation #1

W 10 Writing (and Reading) About Love: Renaissance Lyrics
Sir Thomas Wyatt, “The long love” 383-4; “They flee from me” 385; Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, “Love, that doth reign and live within my thought” 387; Elizabeth I, “The doubt of future foes” 393; Christopher Marlowe, “The Passionate Shepherd” 499-500; Sir Walter Ralegh, “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd” 488. Also read “The Sixteenth Century 1485-1603” 349-81; “Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder 1503-1542” 382-3; “Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey 1517-1547” 386-7; “Elizabeth I 1533-1603” 393-3; “Christopher Marlowe 1564-1593” 498-9; “Sir Walter Ralegh 1552-1618” 487-8.

F 12 Building in SoTeamharry's Blog
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SONNET Earl of Surrey – Love that doth reign and live within my thoughts
Love that doth reign and live within my thought