“Lamb to the Slaughter”
September 7th,2008
Colton Hill

1. The title “Lamb to the Slaughter” gave me a clue to what might happen just by the title. It made me think that a murder or slaughter might happen in the book because of the word slaughter in the title

2. Three Character Traits for Mary Maloney

Lonely: I think Mary is a lonely woman because all she does all day is just wait around for her husband to arrive home. All day she doesn’t socialize, or do anything other than knit and wait for her husband.

Conniving: Mary is a conniving woman because she convinced all the police officers that she had nothing to do with the murder of her husband when really she is the one that killed him. She also mad the grocer feel as though she had nothing to do with the murder. So, therefore she is quite conniving when she can convince two people that she really had nothing to do with a murder that she actually committed.

Trustworthy: Mary Maloney is definitely a trustworthy person because if she can get people to believe her that she didn’t commit the crime of murdering her husband then the officer must have trusted her. To convince them that she must have already had their trust and the trust of the grocers for all them to believe her that she had nothing to do with the crime when she is the only suspect in the case.

3. The first conflict I chose was person vs. person and those two people would be that of Mary Maloney vs. Patrick Maloney. The conflict started when Patrick told Mary some shocking news that doesn’t get revealed throughout the whole story. The conflict was resolved when Mary killed her husband with a leg of lamb.
The second conflict I chose was person vs. self and that person that was having a conflict...