3 Types of Diplomacy (Notes)
Bilateral Diplomacy
Bilateral diplomatic relations can help promote common interests and resolving conflicts at a
more personal and direct manner through negotiations. (Link/explanation)
Describe details/examples:

2-way communication between 2 countries
Diplomats are sent to each country
Treaties signed by both governments
To promote common interests in areas such as trade, exchange of cultural performances,
assistance in technology and help in times of need.
To resolve conflicts peacefully: for example, where Singapore and Malaysia could not settle
its dispute over Pedra Branca, the case was submitted to ICJ for binding settlement.
Singapore and Malaysia also used bilateral relations to work water disputes issues over the
Periodic visits to strengthen relations
For example: Singapore established bilateral relations with many countries to promote
common interests. Singapore-China relations promoted trading opportunities. SingaporeGermany relations promoted transfer of technology and skills from Germany. SingaporeMalaysia relations allow exchange of cultural ties.

Regional Diplomacy
Regional relations such as ASEAN can help promote common interests and manage conflicts
through collaborative efforts, compromises, promoting common understanding and adopting a
win-win philosophy in promoting common interest = maintaining peaceful / good regional
relations for the benefit of the region. (Link / explanation)
Describing details/examples:

Countries located in same region come together to form association
Example: ASEAN and EU
Combining strengths of member countries, association gets stronger
For example: ASEAN: Founded by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and
Thailand - 3 aims:
Aim1: promote economic, social and cultural development of region. Cooperated to
improve economies. Established ties with other countries and associations to promote...