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Coalition Government is not sustainable in India

Respected Director Sir , Principal Madam , Honourable Judge , Members of the staff and all my dear friends.A very hearty good morning to you all.Today I'm here to put forth my views on the coalition system of government and how it is proving to be unsustainable in India.

To put it simply, a coalition government is a cabinet of a parliamentary government in which several parties cooperate.

In coalition governments MLAs and MPs from all the parties are given portfolios / ministries and appointed as Ministers. These ministers are appointed on the recommendations of the parent party, without taking the qualification, character and criminal / clean record of the MLAs and MPs.This is a blatant misuse and waste of the revenues collected out of the hard earned money of the people of India.

Having more than one party in charge of decision making could cause a lot of arguments between the leaders of the country as the top ministers may have opposing political ideologies and views.
Every coalition government formed with the union of several parties is like a newborn with medical defects which hamper its growth at every level.

The biggest disadvantage of a coalition government is that the end product depicted is very unstable and vulnerable as the core element of the coalition has to keep up with all the promises made to its partners and do the impossible – make everyone happy with the platter offered to him or her. By doing so the government has to sacrifice on various key policies and important programs. A succession of undisciplined activities, horse-trading events and defection take place which lowers the public morality, all just to serve to each party’s narrow political interests.

The cabinet size grows out of proportion to accommodate every interest thus fuelling increased expenditure of valuable public funds for seemingly wasteful purposes. Finally the supreme position of the Prime Minister...