Dhaka Informatics Ltd. Business Plan

Dhaka Informatics Ltd. Business Plan

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1.0 Executive Summary

Dhaka Informatics, Ltd. will be formed in May, 2009 with its primary location in Dhanmondi 3/A, Dhaka as a Private Limited Company.
Dhaka Informatics is A Software Firm Which will be Operated By A Group of Experienced And Talented Programmer And Software Engineer. We’ll be consistently providing Excellent Quality Products To its Valuable Clients And Retain Their Satisfaction Through Continuous Support. We will Try and Keep The Cost Of Our Service Comparatively Less Then Our Other Market Competitors Yet Provide Better Service.
Our Mission: To Provide Better Services and Flexible Options For Our Clients In Affordable and Comparatively Cheap Rate.
Our Motto: “Your Trusted Partner In IT Solutions”
Dhaka Informatics’ Integrated Technologies Division will develop and support a full line of P.C.-based business software applications. Additionally, Dhaka Informatics will develop and support ad-based Internet marketplaces, online magazines, custom-developed commercial websites, and other hosted business products tailored to the Industrial marketplace. We Will Be Also Providing Customized Software Support If Needs Arise And Will Also Develop Customized Software Based On Client’s Needs. Meanwhile We Will Be Also Work on Our Domestic Project “Orun” Which is An Advanced Bangla Word Processor Supporting Unicode With The Spelling And Grammar Check And Other Most Advanced Word Processor’s Options.
For Financing Initial Expenditures And Investments Dhaka Informatics Will Use The Capital Of The Owners As Well As Try To Get Some Bank Loan Which Will Be Backed By The Owners As well. This Loan Will Be Repaid Through Installments With The Cash Flow Of The Company And It Will Be Used to Cover Up The Initial Expenditures Of Creating The Infrastructure And Investments on Essential Machineries.

Based on the current prices in the Industrial Marketing Products and Services market, Dhaka Informatics, Ltd. has the potential of making sales of $ 2,20,000...

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