Dhcp Setup

Dhcp Setup

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DHCP Setup
In the following report we will discuss the setup of a DHCP server on an existing network infrastructure for Pioneer Hospital. This report will include installation procedures, any problems or difficulties observed, scope options in DHCP, choices of range of addresses and lease options, and utilities and tools to aid in troubleshooting DHCP.
When setting up a DHCP server on an existing network the network administrator will need to open the Manage Your Server page in Administrative Tools. To add the server they will select the “Add or remove a role” in the top/center of the page, as in diagram 1.
Diagram 1

Upon selecting this option a configuration wizard opens. The administrator will then need to select what type of role they wish to add and select next, this is depicted in Diagram 2.

Diagram 2

After this step is selected and the next button is selected, the configuration wizard walks the administrator through the next steps until a selection for the scope is displayed. A scope is a range of IP addresses that the DHCP server can assign to client computers for access to the network (Eckert & Schitka, 2006, p. 110). Each scope is configured with a name, description, starting and ending IP address, subnet mask, exclusions, and lease duration. Diagram 3 shows the wizard for setting up a scope in DHCP.
A lease is when a computer or device borrows an IP address from the DHCP server. This is performed through a life cycle. There are 4 steps in the life cycle of the leased IP address:
1. DHCPDISCOVER – A client computer sends a broadcast looking for a DHCP server.
2. DHCPOFFER – Sends IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and lease length offer.
3. DHCPREQUEST – Contains the lease information chosen by the client.
4. DHCPACK – This is a confirmation or acknowledgement of the lease (Eckert & Schitka, 2006, p. 102).
Diagram 3

Upon completion of the DHCP setup wizard the network administrator can then manage...

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