Dialog № 4

-Hello my Dear! How are you?

-I am fine, thanks. And you?

-Everything is wonderful. But I have one problem

-What happened?

-The fact is that the school year will begin soon, but I don’t know where to send my daughter: to a state school or to a public one?

-Oh! I have the same problem! I have broken the head in what school it is better to study. What do you think about it?

-To tell the truth, I want to send my daughter to a public school. As far as I know, teachers in public schools treat students with special attention.

-Perhaps, but in the state schools teachers pay the great attention to the pupils too. However, it is very expensive to study in a public school.

-Nevertheless, in state schools you should pay for repairs, computers every year, but your child will see nothing at school, because this money disappears.

-Oh! No! You are mistaken! I studied at the state school in 1991 and everything was fine. Besides we got wonderful education and then I entered the university for free, although my friends from public schools entered the university on the fee-paid basis.

-Strange as it may seem, but I know a lot of children who leave our country for studying abroad. They were taken to the university without any problems, because the board knew that they have finished public schools. In any case, I know that education in public school is better than in state one. Also, in public schools teachers give you a lot of time to correct your marks and if you have no time, they can forget about it.

-Therefore pupils at public schools think that it is not so important to learn the material which you did not understand in the beginning. But maybe in future, when you study in the university, at some test, you will understand that it was bad that you missed this lecture, and threw out this material from your heard.

-By the way about testing! At state schools every year pupils should write some tests which show whether your child is...

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