Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft

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Diamond Aircraft Industries is a worldwide aircraft manufacturer. It was founded in 1981 and formally known as HOAC AG until it was taken over by Christian Dries in 1991. Mr. Dries changed the company name in 1996 to Diamond Aircraft. In 2003, the company announced the concept of D-Jet and it took its first flight in 2006. The D-Jet is marketed worldwide with facilities in Europe, North America, Asia and Canada. The company prides itself by providing quality aircrafts and being innovative leaders in the personal aircraft field. The D-Jet won the Popular Science Best of What’s New award in 2006. The environmental factors that influence the marketing mix are economic, competitive and technological. While Diamond Aircraft has acquired several new contracts, it announced in 2008 that they will be laying off one hundred employees due to poor economic conditions. It is important that Diamond Aircraft narrow its target market to those that have the means to purchase a personal aircraft. The competitors of Diamond Aircraft includes: Cessna, Piper Jet and Eclipse all makers of personal aircraft. Diamond Aircraft will watch the competition to remain aware of the needs of its consumers. As technology evolves, the D-Jet will need to continually adjust to meet market demands. The challenges of remaining an industry leader, the D-Jet will emphasize quality, the freedom of flying, and luxury only found in this aircraft.


The bases of geographic (Lamb 8), demographic (Lamb 8), psychographic (Lamb 8), & benefit (Lamb 8) segmentation will be used. These bases are used because the Diamond D-Jet aircraft will be marketed in certain geographic locations throughout the world. Climate, as well as certain regions of the several countries will benefit from the use of this product (Lamb 8). Demographic segmentation will be used because generation Y (Lamb 8), as well as generation X (Lamb 8), baby boomers (Lamb 8)...

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