Diaspora Volunteering in Pakistan

Diaspora Volunteering in Pakistan

e.g. Feasibility and Needs Assessment into Diaspora volunteering in Pakistan with specific focus on Muzzaffrabad and Rawalpindi

A report by Muslim Community Organisation (Nottingham UK)

Logo’s (Diaspora Organisation, DFID, VSO, BIG)

Contents (with page numbers)

Executive Summary

• Key findings in UK and overseas
• Programme areas chosen, and rationale


• Brief history of the development of your diaspora programme to date
• One paragraph on your organisation

Aim and objectives of study

SWOT analysis

Summarise the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the proposed programme based on research findings

|Strengths |Weaknesses |
|Opportunities |Threats |

UK Research

UK Diaspora community

• Briefly describe the diaspora community, size and location in the UK

Skills audit

• Professional skills and experience available in your diaspora community

Interest in volunteering

• Are your diaspora community interested in volunteering? What benefits do they think it will have? Include quotes.
• How long would they volunteer for?
• What are their perceptions of volunteering?
• What would motivate them to volunteer?

Barriers to volunteering

• What issues might prevent your diaspora community from volunteering? E.g. lack of time, family commitments
• How might these be overcome?

Development Awareness

• Is your diaspora community aware of development issues?
• What kind of development awareness activities might they be interested in?

Other objectives of UK research

• Report here against any of the other objectives

Overseas Research


• E.g. meetings with partner organisations,...

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