Is it better to live in a city or not?

You have already made a list of points both for and against living in a city:



Near medical services

Polluted air

Near schools, colleges, universities


Near cinemas, theatres, restaurants etc

Accommodation is expensive

Shops open 24 hours a day

A high crime rate

Now you are going to use these points to write a short essay.


A well-made paragraph usually starts with a topic sentence. This contains the main idea or argument of the paragraph. It is followed by a few illustrations or examples that support it. In the case of your essay on city life, the topic sentences in the body of the essay will cover the points in the table above.

Write topic sentences based on each of the points in the table. Here is an example:
In a city you live near medical services.

Try to vary your sentences so that they do not all have exactly the same pattern.


The structure of your essay is going to be as follows:

Paragraph 1 (INTRODUCTION)
Paragraph 2 (Near medical services …) ü
Paragraph 3 (Near schools ...) ü
Paragraph 4 (Near to entertainment facilities …) ü
Paragraph 5 (Shops always open …) ü
Paragraph 6 (Dirty air …) û
Paragraph 7 (Noise …) û
Paragraph 8 (High rents …) û
Paragraph 9 (A high crime rate …) û
Paragraph 10 (CONCLUSION)
Of course, if you prefer, you can deal with the disadvantages first.

You still need to plan an introduction. Basically, this will state that there are both advantages and disadvantages to city life. However, it will sound rather weak if you simply write: "There are both advantages and disadvantages to living in a city". It will make a stronger impact if you start with a striking statistic. For example:

According to the United Nations Population Fund, 47 percent of the world’s population live in cities and the figure is rising steadily.

You can follow this with a summary of the main arguments contained in the body...

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