Difference Between Public and Private

Difference Between Public and Private

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Differentiating Between Public and Private Organizations
Marian Stewart
HSM 210
March 31, 2010
Kristal Chambers

The number of homeless youth in America has increased within the last decade. The age range fro 12-24. Many youth are living in shelters, cars, abandon buildings and yes, on the street. At one- time, this issue of homelessness was dominant in urban communities. The high unemployment rate, foreclosures and mental illness related to stress has contributed to the increase of homeless youth.

Social policies assist communities in addressing issues such as homelessness. Congress and he president approves social policies. The McKinney Act is a social policy that initially was to help combat the issue of homeless families. Since, Title I of The McKinney Act there has been many amendments. Title V of this act requires Federal agencies to identify and make available surplus of federal properties, buildings for use of state and local government and nonprofit agencies to assist homeless people.

The public agency heading this task is Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Department of Health and Human Services. The delivery of human services and medical treatment by both departments has assisted many families. However, budget restrictions, and program cuts have impeded the efforts. Bureaucracy and budget cuts prevent the government from providing adequate workers and services need to combat this issue.

The private sector has stepped in to assist in combating this ever-growing problem. Churches along with non-for profit agencies and community advocates are offering ongoing assistance to homeless families. The Board of Directors approves policies. The private sector is raising money through fundraisers, and donations from church members and philanthropists. The private agencies provide temporary services to families at a faster pace than the government. The private sector delivery of humans services and medical...

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