Difference of Immigration

Difference of Immigration

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Immigration, In Taiwan, it is not a big issue because people tend to work in Taiwan and emigrate to other country. However, Australia is a country that most people would like to immigrate. There are many differences between Taiwan and Australia, such as economy, environment and facilities.

The economic system and working style are dissimilar between Taiwan and Australia. To begin with, the population in Taiwan is equal to Australia, but the land of Australia is 220 times bigger than Taiwan, and this is the reason why Taiwan is more competitive than Australia. Furthermore, according to the global financial crisis, people lost their job easily, therefore, the rate of unemployment and suicide increased sharply. On the other hand, Australia has better job opportunities because they have strong structure of the economy. Even though many countries are facing the global financial crisis, Australia has a good economic system; therefore, people can feel secure.

Environment is another reason that people would prefer to move to Australia. Australia has a various facilities, a better weather condition, sufficient entertainment and multicultural. In contrast, in Taiwan, the weather is humid; lack of entertainment and full of modern constructions in the capital city. Furthermore, Australia has more natural environment and children like to participate in outdoor activity, but Taiwan has not enough place for children to play outdoor activity, which is really bad for a growing child.

Facilities are another difference between these two cities. First of all, Australia using the tollway to collect money from the users, compare with Taiwan, we still using ticket to pay the fees. Moreover, Taiwan’s transportation only focuses on capital city, so it is inconvenient to visit remote area. However, in Australia, even people live in the suburb, it still easy to catch the transportation. Finally, although, Taiwan has MRT system and High Speed Rail, Australia has V-line and wide...

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