Different Cultures

Different Cultures

Cultures 1

Different Cultures

Melody Grinter

Cultural Anthropology

Tristan Marble

June 2, 2008

Cultures 2

"Psychological anthropology is the study of individuals and their personalities and identities, within particular cultural contexts."In the following I will Identify two different cultures in the world. Next,I will examine their traditions through various life cycles .Then, based on the behaviors, customs, and beliefs of each of the two cultures, I will discuss how personalities and identities are formed and shaped within the two different cultures?Finally, I will be giving two specific examples for each of the selected cultures.

Cultures 3

New Year is mainly a family celebration in Japan. People go back to their home towns or parents' home. As most shops and restaurants are exceptionally closed for 3 days, people prepare the traditional "o-set chi ryouri" , eaten during this period. Adults Day is a celebration of the coming of age for boys and girls turning 20 that year. The coming of age symbolizes mainly the abstention of the right to buy cigarettes and alcohol legally. Ceremonies held at temples and shrines and girls wear special kimono for the occasion. On the evening of the first day before the traditional beginning of Spring , a brief rite called "mame-maki" literally "bean-throwing") is conducted at temples and shrines to drive away evil spirits and disease. It is especially popular with children. Valentines Day is contrarily to Western customs, it is normally only women who offer presents on Valentine's day in Japan. It is usually chocolate and is not restricted to their boyfriend, husband, but to any men among friends or colleagues. The joke goes that as many Japanese men do not like sweets (including chocolate), women offer them to their husbands but eat them afterwards. The other reason is that men have to reciprocate twice what they have received one moth later, Hina Matsuri is a festival that is...

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