Different Roles That Males and Females Played

Different Roles That Males and Females Played

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Essay on The House On Mango Street

Did you know that guys are better than girls, just kidding. Male and female roles

are needed to make the world go round. I think that in some cases females and males

should be eqaul. Like in the book House On Mango Street there were two different roles

that males and females played. Most of the time females cant do hard labor and that is

where males come around.

“Her father says to be this beautiful is trouble.” Traditionally males are the head

of the family. Men went to work and women stayed home with the kids and did house

work. I think that is a really stupid thing to do. You would make more money for the

family if both parents worked not just one. So in traditional times people weren’t very


Currently males and females are more equal then the were traditionally. For

instance females can run for government roles. I think that is a good thing to have for our

country. If they couldn’t maybe all the women in the world would get together and start a

revolution. So in some cases males and females should be more equal.

I think it is fair that male and female sports are, most of the time, separated. Like

football, baseball, tennis etc. are split into male and female. In all honesty I think it is the

most fair thing to do. It is fair because females aren’t as big and strong, most of the time,

and wouldn’t be picked for the team in the first place. So I think it is fair that sports are


“The girl with eyes like Egypt and nylons like smoke.” Male and female roles are

important to society. Without males or without females people wouldn’t be on this earth

right now. Males are stronger and do more physical work. Females are more thinkers than

physical so they do stuff that deal with thinking. That doesn’t mean a male can’t do a

thinking job and a female can’t do a physical job. As you can see male and female gender


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