Different Types of Network Topologies

Different Types of Network Topologies

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Network Topologies

Bus Network none as one of the most commonly used topologies. With this network all devices are connected to a common central cable. The cable is referred to as a bus. Some pros of this particular network are that it is inexpensive, and easy to install. Another pro to this network is that adding new devices are simple. All that is required to add a new device is connecting the device to the bus. Unfortunately the cons of this network can be somewhat fatal. If the main cab e goes bad the whole network will shut down, and it is not always easy to find out why it failed. Still due to the low cost and easy configuration; the bus network is the most widely used.

Star network is very different from the bus network. Each device is connected to a hub. A hub is a specialized type of hardware. The main function of the hub is to receive data transmission and route them to the proper destination. The star network is easy to install and update because; all nodes are connected directly to the hub. When the network needs s configuring changes are made to the hub instead of rewiring the network. Pros are since each node connects to the hub it is easy to diagnose the problem. Another pro would be if one computer or laptop fails only that computer or laptop will not be able to send or receive data. Cons are if the hub fails the network will shut down. Another con would be the hub could bottleneck. Bottleneck means to slow down or to stop working completely. Basically there is not enough capacity to handle the current volume of traffic.

In a ring topology each node is connected to two other nodes creating a ring. The signal travels around the loop in one direction, passing through each computer. A good thing is that multiple LAN’s can be connected to each ring. One node will hold the data and transmit it to the other computers. Some pros would be that the ring is more reliable than the bus and a star. The ring topology is more reliable because if one...

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