Different Types of Religion Systems

Different Types of Religion Systems

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There are many different types of religion systems that exist throughout the world as well as in India. Some of these unified religions are Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The term Hinduism was derived from people from different areas of the world for people native to areas around the Indus River. Hinduism consists of many different groups of people with different religious beliefs all put into one. The term was used primarily for census-taking purposes (Fisher, 2005).

Hinduism is sometimes referred to as Sanatana Dharma which means “eternal religion”. Hindu beliefs can vary over a lot of different things. Some believe that there is only one God and other believe there are multiple Gods. Many Hindu people believe in what is called reincarnation. It is believed that when someone dies, the soul will leave the body and enter a different one. The soul is then reborn in a new body either as another person or an animal. Another thing that Hinduism entails is the belief of karma. It is said that everything we do, every thought we have, and everything we say will control the way our future ends up like. For example, if a person decides to commit a crime such as burglary or murder, that person will have what is called bad karma. Nothing but bad things will follow for that person’s future.

The cultural and societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it originated is that the beliefs of this religion were spread throughout the schools. It was important for them to educate everyone about Hinduism to gain the support of as many people that would listen. This would ensure that the religion would stay strong and be practiced for many decades to come. It is important for them to hold spiritual rituals to keep expressing there religious beliefs. Many people would seek out what is called a Guru. This is a person that is known as a spiritual teacher, although they did not consider themselves teachers. People are drawn to gurus because they have...

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