Digital Age and Its Effect on the Music Industry

Digital Age and Its Effect on the Music Industry

Patrick Jefferson

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Digital Age and its effect on the Music Industry

The digital age has improved rapidly over the years deeply affecting the music industry. Technology has developed to become one of the more important features of human life and also the music industry. Technology will continue to increase as growth and development occur in the music industry. The digital age has affected the music industry in a positive and negative manner. Although the growth of technology has increased people’s creativity and innovative skills, the technology has had a negative affect specifically on the music business. I am not against the digital age or technology but the music industry and its artists have lost millions of dollars from different features of the digital age such as the development of the World Wide Web, digital downloading, music piracy, fewer physical copies of music being purchased, and weaker audio quality and effect of recording studio software. The digital age and technology are accountable for many positive aspects and innovations in human life but the music business suffers the most from the digital age.

The World Wide Web is one of the most important inventions from the digital age. The web is useful for everything from learning to entertainment. The World Wide Web is involved in everyone’s daily life and opens more ways to communicate with others. The internet took the music business by storm. Up and coming musicians now has an easier way to promote and advertise their music. An artist could easily post its song or music video online and receive nationwide credit and possibly a major label deal. YouTube is responsible for the discovery of many artists such as Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy and Chief Keef. Internet allowed music listeners to hear their favorite song at their discretion. Despite the good the internet is to aspiring artist, the music business suffered from the internet. File sharing began in...

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