Digital Marketing Solution India

Digital Marketing Solution India


Counterpart360 is a Complete Digital Marketing, Website Development and Leads Generation
Company. Marketing techniques primarily through online research, telemarketing, social media
marketing, SEO – Search Engine Optimization, SEM – Search Engine Marketing, E- mail Marketing,
Online Marketing, etc.

The trend as I see the internet and market which is all about digital marketing “SEO”, “SMO”,
“Key Words”, “Traffic” and what not and I asked myself when I started with communications as a
subject for my graduation as digital marketing was very new and trending I didn’t pay too much
of attention to it as it was my time to explore creativity, new people, new talent and what else
was thrown at me as an excitement.

After a few years I started with post-graduation and communication to be my core subject, what I
noticed was smart phones, tabs and internet which people cannot live without, it was lucrative
and addictive I have to agree to it. But within months technology advanced, the phone that I
bought 4 months ago was outdated in the market and with the same competitive price people
had better options in the market, I thought to myself what a mistake I made should have waited
two more months.

The point here that I purely speak of here is where communication made creatively the product
or brand leaves a mark. But I only get disappointed when my clients just ask for SEO, SMO or
want to be on the first page listings of google, is digital marketing just limited to only SEO.

I made my understandings clear when I started counterpart360 that digital marketing is very
simple to understand “marketing that could be done by using digital means or channels” as a
laymen that is what I thought and its pure communication and should be a part your whole...

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