Digital Pathology Market - Global Size, Trends, Industry Analysis, and Forecast, 2014 - 2020

Digital Pathology Market - Global Size, Trends, Industry Analysis, and Forecast, 2014 - 2020

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Digital pathology is the process of managing, analysing, interpreting and storing digital information. It is also known as virtual pathology or virtual microscopy. It is useful for automated biomedical laboratory testing and diagnosis. Digital solutions are used to convert glass slides into digital slides with a scanning device. A digital slide scan enables interpretation and analysis of digital pathology images. The necessity of digital pathology has arrived out of concern to save time, capital and lives. Digital pathology finds applications in areas such as oral pathology, forensic pathology, cancer care and veterinary pathology.

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The benefits of digital pathology include accuracy and efficiency in data analysis and interpretation, enhanced quality of colour image and reasonable cost associated with delivery of enriched performance. It replaces traditional, manual and microscopic slide analysis based procedures. Its advantage lies in its capacity to store, share, and replicate testing of a specimen for clinical and educational usage. Comparatively high initial investment to use and maintain digital pathology systems is the major bottleneck for digital technology adoption.

Wide range of benefits of digital pathology technique have led to a high demand for digital pathology solutions in the market. Increasing need for pathology automation, strategic mergers & acquisitions by key players, rise in disposable income of customers, increasing health awareness and government concerns towards medical technological advancement are some of the favourable factors driving the growth of digital pathology market. In addition, increasing applications of digital pathology solutions in sectors such as contract research organizations and education are expected to fuel the growth of this technology & solutions market in the near future. Therefore, the global digital...

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