Digital Power Electronics Market Insights and Key Developments

Digital Power Electronics Market Insights and Key Developments

In the comprehensive area of Power Electronics, the efficient control and transmission of electric power into different end-user components digitally is possible through Digital Power Electronics. The range of applications varies from power management to convertors with efficiency in the power conversion and less power wastage. The Digital processing is comprised of on and off stages through active control of input and output regulations.

The Global Electronics Industry is currently majorly focusing on Digital Power Electronics Market and its main application of Digital Processing. Increase in the applications in various sectors including smart grid & smart cards, power sector along with lighting and telecommunications is leading to the growth in Digital Power Electronics Market.

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Market Brief:

IndustryARC experts suggest that the CAGR for the Digital Power Supply Market Globally would grow at 35.5% during the period of 2015-2020 and on the other hand, the market for the Digital Power Electronics is estimated to reach a healthy $4.5 Billion during the same period. The growth shall mainly owe to the increase in the applications and up-gradation of the technology to reduce the size of the chip, increasing the functionality to operate even ay high frequencies, providing the ability to enhance the power efficiency.

While the key applications of Digital Power Electronics Market are LED Drivers, Sensors, Smart Grid and Smart Phones; the key opportunities in the Digital Power Electronics Market are Internet of Things, Wireless Communications, Smart Phones, Medical and Health Care Industry, Cloud Computing and Automotive Electronics.


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