Professional Workplace:

Dilemma Paper

Unknown Student

University of Phoenix Online

Professor Unknown

GEN480: Capstone

April 20, 2008

During my employment in Seacliff Medical Labs, I spent many years processing blood samples, interpreting requisitions, and prepping lab sites for doctor’s offices. I really enjoyed figuring things out and always put forth my best effort in everything I did at this medical facility. In my eyes, having a dedicated attitude brings positive synergy and for that reason alone I put everything into what I do. Everyone wins; the company gets to grow and hopefully I get noticed for merit raises and career advancements. Besides all of the perks I know I am doing the best that I can to make a difference. What that being said, I was once asked to compromise my job simply because my work attitude was misconstrued.

When I approach any situation I always try to learn everything around me. I will go the extra mile to ensure I know what I am doing and this often means learning more then what is expected of the job description. For example, during the majority of my employment at Seacliff Medical Labs, I always made the extra effort to study blood results and the reasoning behind what made each chemical reaction—interpreting the labs. It was enjoyable and quite interesting. Because of this mindset, I was quickly promoted to a lead position and ran the Riverside processing center. My boss had discovered that I had a knack for learning. While talking to him he asked if I had any hobbies and I informed him that I helped my sister make web pages. He looked at me and simply smiled and I left it at that until a convenient moment.

A few weeks went by and I was approached by him again. He called me into my office and asked if I wanted to help design a website for his side business. I quickly agreed to do so. He started giving me content and photos and I would show up on the weekends to shoot photos of his...

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