Dirct Taxes in Emerging Economies

Dirct Taxes in Emerging Economies

Direct Taxes in Emerging Economies: Implications of a Measure of Opposition to Inflation (Case Study Pakistan)

Members: Muzzammil Haroon (mb061055)
Usman Javed (mb061056)

Intro to Paper

This research paper will be examining the effect of financial opposition index (FOI) on inflation in Pakistan. This document will be a supportive paper which will investigate upon that why the FOI restricts the inflation taxes by the government and thereby allowing the government to apply higher taxes to meet the revenue needs through taxes.

Work Performed

So far we have written down the abstract and introduction of the paper and found out the related articles and other relevant research papers and case studies written down by different authors in this regard. We have been reading through this literature for the collection of data and the facts and figures previously provided which would help us in getting and making our own hypothesis about the project work. Further we are looking forward for the tax rates and the rate of inflations proposed by the government for the analysis of the tax procedures and reason why tax rates fluctuate whether due to rise or fall of inflation or and other reason is behind it. Right now we are at the stage of writing down the data and the material we have gained through the internet and by consulting some journals and cases and also facts from central board of revenue (CBR) and federal board of revenue (FBR).

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