Directed Writing (Tips on Preparing for the Big Exam)

Directed Writing (Tips on Preparing for the Big Exam)

Directed Writing

No 1, Jalan Terap,
Majidee Park, 80250,
Johor Bahru, Johor.

13th January 2009

Dear Ahmad,
How are you and your family’s welfare? I hope you are all fine and healthy. I’ve received your recent letter. I’ve understand that you’re taking SPM this year and you are have difficulties in keeping up with your studies upon getting bad results in your exams. I have some guidelines that I’m going to provide you with for you to excel in your academic performance.

First of all my dear friend, you should prepare a suitable schedule for your revisions, studies, homework and also for your entertainments. The most important thing to do when you have a schedule is to discipline yourself in acting upon it. There is no point having a schedule if you’re not going to obey it. Don’t prepare a schedule that is above your capabilities. Make sure that you are able to perform the programs you have planned. You should also be consistent in following your schedule such as doing your revision. Don’t skip your studies as you like.

Group studies are faster and more efficient for the process of learning. It is also more exciting. So please do group studies because it can really help you....

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