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Push chairs Evaluation

McLaren Techno Buggy

ZIA ‘Black’ by Petite Star

After listing out the main points of consideration for these two products, I can now compare these two products. The prices of these push chairs are very different; the McLaren one is £160 whilst the Zia Black is £95. This obviously is because of a lot of factors such as the materials, wheels, aesthetics etc. The aesthetics of these two products are quite similar as they are both normal pushchairs. Only the colour and the number of wheels are different. Both of them are made from aluminium which makes them equally strong, durable and lightweight. A major factor of pushchairs is the size when folded; the McLaren appears to be more bulky than the Zia when folded and the Zia’s special feature is that it’s very compact when folded. They both weigh almost the same which is around 6kg; however the Zia Black is slightly heavier by 0.3kg. They both have different number of wheels; the Zia has 3 sets of wheels while the McLaren has 4 pairs and this makes the McLaren more stable and a factor of safety to be considered.

When looking at the babies’ point of view, safety, comfort and stability are three key aspects parents look at while buying a pushchair. They both have their own attributes for safety. For example shoulder pads and extendable leg rest for the babies. When it comes to safety, the McLaren seems to have the advantage. This is because the seat is specially designed to have an inclination so it’s hard for the baby to come out. However, the Zia Black basically just has a seat belt.

On the whole, I think that the McLaren has an overall advantage. Firstly, it wins in terms of safety, weight, stability and comfort. However, the only advantage the Zia black has over the McLaren is the price. As a result, for those who have the money and have a big budget I think the McLaren would definitely be a better choice.

Parents’ point of view:

Cost: £160...