Dirt Bikes Usa Chapter on

Dirt Bikes Usa Chapter on

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1. What are the company’s goals and culture?

This is a small company located in Carbondale, Colorado.. It was founded by two bikers, Carl Schmidt and Steven McFadden, back in 1991. The company’s goal is to be able so sell their models all around the world, currently they sell a small percentage of their bikes in Europe and the rest of them in the United States.

2. What products and services does Dirt Bikes USA provide? How many types of products and services are available to customers? How does Dirt Bikes sell its products?

The company produces customized dirt bikes for racing and off road
recreational riding. They currently produce four different models of dirt
bikes, two models for endurance racers and two for motocross racers. All of these made with the latest advancement in technology and specially made with high quality repair parts. They offer their warranties trhu and authorized Dirt Bikes USA dealer. They sell their products thru a network of 40 distributors concentrated in the Western and Midwestern United States. For the sells in Europe they use independent distributors that sell other brands of motorcycles.

3. How many employees are managers, production workers, or knowledge or information workers? Are there levels of management?

There is a total of 120 employees for Dirt Bikes USA. They have six knowledge workers, 10 information workers and the rest will be classify under production workers. Currently the company has three main departments, Production, Administration and Sales and Marketing. Under the Production Department there are 5 Sub departments, Parts, shipping and receiving, Manufacturing, Service, and Design and Engineering. Assuming that each department has a manager, they have three Main department Managers, and five managers under the Production Department. Yes, there are levels of management were they have the CEO and COO, wich are the Senior...

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