Disability in Workforce

Disability in Workforce

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Employment is central to the inclusion of people with disabilities in society. We, as managers must not just to rethink the way we employ people with disabilities, but also before and after employment.

Mr. Tumur made press release about how useful and self-committed to work was person with disability after his company had been nominated to the most successful company of year 2006 in Mongolia. Telephone service industry started booming when there was revolution in customer’s need due to much traffic thus creating demand for frequent number of calls for so many questions when people are on the road besides those listen to radio. Where will be easier way out of this traffic? What movies are in cinema? What is the currency exchange rate? People could ask variety of things and later on it became favorite calling number for contests and even prize draw. Mr. Tumur explained how some of his employees who were disabled made achievement through hardworking and dedication to tasks. Here I noticed that he did not mention the facilitation of his office. Soon after year 2007 we found out that the office did not have necessary adjustment for people with disability as well as lack of training for other co-workers to communicate with those who were disabled. Unfortunately, the person with disability had to go and nothing but one big article on daily newspaper was informed about this person. Both before and after and during the employment of person with disability are important.

When we think of person with disability, we automatically think of person in a wheelchair. But there are many different types of disability a man can be involved. When I read the article “7 things never to say to people with disabilities”, it reminded me that the story of my principal at college saying improper word to person who had one eye blind but looked fine. She was my English teacher and had difficult time to read things. One day during the break the principal had to ask her to write...

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