Disadvantages and Advantages of Marxism

Disadvantages and Advantages of Marxism

Challenges faced by Parents of Preschoolers

Getting the child adjusted in a preschool is a Herculean task for some parents. The daily routine of the child goes in for a toss and he finds himself in a totally new environment. Read on to know more about the challenges and ways to deal with them.

When you admit your kid to the preschool, you let him take the first step in to the real world. As the child gradually adapts himself in to this new setting he happens to face a lot of things that he was so far unaware of. He experiences a jerk as these are not a part of his regular settings and this jerk gets manifested in various ways through his behavior.

Here are a few challenges that the parents of the preschoolers commonly face:

The Hint of Aggression

First it is necessary to note that aggressive behavior is a follow through of a lack of understanding and a total absence of self control. It is wrong for parents to straightaway conclude that their kid is becoming detestable or mean. It is basically the child’s defense for the inability to cope up with something. When the child is disturbed by something he becomes angry and frustrated and vents out his anger by screaming, becoming excessively demanding and even getting physical without provocation.

The first reaction from the parents should not be a counter attack as it will only escalate the situation. Take time and allow the kid to cool down and then simply avoid talking about what wrongs he has done immediately. Assure him that you are there to help him and support him regardless of the situation. Be affectionate and loving and then try to talk things out. Like what is it that is troubling him. Once the kid is assured about your compassion, he will readily open up and you will be able to get into the root of the problem.

Tendency to Disobey and Detestation towards Routines

This is a common challenge faced by parents of preschoolers. The kids are subjected to do every thing according to the clock. There is a...

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