Disadvantages and Advantages of Private School

Disadvantages and Advantages of Private School

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Disadvantages / Advantages of Private School
What are the disadvantages and advantages of private school?
As you're deciding where to send your child to school, you have probably considered private school as an option. Private schools offer many benefits that public schools do not. Below are some disadvantages and advantages of private school that you should consider before enrolling your child in a private school.

One of the advantages of private school is that most private schools feature smaller classroom sizes that allow your child to receive a lot more individual attention from teachers. Because you pay tuition for your child to attend private school, this funding often goes toward better academic and extracurricular programs. Additionally, private high schools generally have low dropout rates and less on-campus violence.
The diversity landscape in a private school environment can be flat compared to that of public schools, because of the tuition. Children will meet fewer peers of diverse backgrounds and this can create a very insular atmosphere. But because public schools have more children per classroom, your child will likely be exposed to people from different socio-economic classes, which can broaden the educational experience.

Private schools don't conform strictly to educational regulations. This may translate into a program that is good for your child, but you have to choose your child's private school carefully, as most vary widely on a number of levels.

Private schools can be expensive and also very competitive. So before committing to a private school, first discuss and determine what kind of experience your child wants to have in school. If he wants a private school education, gather all the literature you can on the schools that your child is interested in and talk to other children and parents who are involved with those schools.

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