Disaster Management in Thailand

Disaster Management in Thailand

The Future of the Events and Conference Industry in Asia from the aspect of the current economical conditions.

Chapter 1 – The Problem and Its Setting
1.0.1 Events Management & Special Events
By definition of The Chambers Dictionary (1998, p.560), an event is anything which happens; result; any incidence or occurrence esp. a memorable one; contingency or possibility of occurrence; an item in a programme (of sports, etc); a type of horse riding competition often held over three days (three-day event), consisting of three sections, i.e. dressage, cross country riding and showjumping; fortune for fate (obs); an organized activity of a particular venue, e.g. for sales promotion, fundraising (Bodwin et al. 2006). Also, an event is the gathering of people at a specified time and pace for the purpose of celebration, commemoration, communication, education, reunion and/or leisure (Silvers, 2007). To be specific, special events or conferences or mainly the term ‘special events’ has been coined to describe specific rituals, presentations, performances or celebrations that are consciously planned and created to mark special occasions and/or to achieve particular social., cultural or corporate goals and objectives (Bodwin et al. 2006).

Events such as unique cultural performances, international or major sporting fixtures, corporate functions, significant civic occasions, trade promotions and product launches are all included under the category of special events. It is because the events industry is increasingly used since way back when, the industry is so vast that there is no precise definition that includes all sorts, shades and types of events. Each event genre maybe be scheduled alone or in conjunction with different names depending on the corporate, geographic or ethnographic culture. Size, content and form are ways events are normally grouped.

As events are categorized according to their characteristics of size and scale, they’re...

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