Disaster Recovery Plan It/244 Week 3

Disaster Recovery Plan It/244 Week 3

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Appendix D

Disaster Recovery Plan
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University of Phoenix
IT/244 Intro to IT Security
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Disaster Recovery Plan

Risk Assessment
Critical business processes

The mission-critical business systems and service that must be protected by this Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) include Payroll, Human resource data, Bloom’s web applications, customer data, supplier data, and credit card and other banking data.
Internal, external, and environmental risks

There exists a plethora of potentially hazardous natural disasters that can threaten or disrupt
Bloom including hurricanes, tornadoes, Earthquakes, floods, blizzards, lightning strikes and loss
of power and structural damage that may result from any of the aforementioned natural
disasters. Other risks include intentional, manmade threats, such as, malware and other denial
of service threats, sabotage, and burglary. Further, there is the threat of terrorist attack. There
also exists the threat of unintentional manmade disaster such as, hazardous waste spills, and
chemical fires resulting from negligence. Other manmade threats include worker strikes,
unplanned work stoppages, and massive technological failure caused by negligence.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

In the event of a service level threatening disaster, the best option for Bloom is a shared site agreement.
Because Bloom has two offices, one in New York and another in Los Angeles, each site can be set up as
an alternative site for the other office. While potentially a costly option, this option helps to ensure
that the business’ critical components can continue to function, almost seamlessly during a disaster.
Because the two offices are a part of the same organization and because they would likely house the
same type of business data, software and hardware, this type of arrangement would be ideal; saving
Bloom the additional cost of having to maintain...

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