Discipline in Life

Discipline in Life

A long life's rough highway I passed on my way,
      Beside it fair sweet flowers grew,
I would have plucked them but, Duty said Nay,
      Keep straight in the pathway true.      
The hours were so lonely, the birds sang so sweet,
      I would listen to the music awhile:
But duty said "Forward, the way to complete,
      No song may thy pathway beguile."
My limbs were so weary, my feet were so sore,
      I would rest in the cool, leafy shade;
But Duty said "Onward, the goal lies before,
      Nor rest thee in forest or glade."
So wearily forward did Duty lead on,
      Uncheered by sweet bird, song or shade;
No rest by the wayside, no drink from the spring,
      No dreaming in the garden or glade .
But over the steep, dusty road up the hill,
      Stern Duty still pointed the way;
But the long journey gave me both courage and skill,
      And my soul has grown strong in the fray.

Discipline means doing what is necessary even though one might not feel like doing it.
With discipline, there are two areas I would like for us to consider. The first involves the discipline needed to help us learn proper behaviors and actions. The second involves the results that occur when we become disciplined.

In the first area of discipline, I was told by my high school football coach that if he ever stopped disciplining me it meant he had given up on me as a player. He was convinced I could play better and through tough standards, he achieved the results he was looking for. Though my parents loved me unconditionally, they also told me the same thing pertaining to discipline. They knew that discipline would equip me to be the person God had designed me to be. Discipline goes beyond punishment by instilling the desire to never repeat misdeeds, but instead make better choices. Therefore, each of us can learn tremendous lessons when we are willing to accept discipline.

The process of accepting and practicing...

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