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• Police Discretion
Due Date:  April 29, 2011
10 points will be deducted if the paper is late in being submitted.                                             
The paper will be made up of the answers to the below listed questions:
The following questions need to be addressed in your paper.  Your paper should be made up of four sections, I, II, III, and IV  to answer the following questions.  The paper should be a minimum of four pages and have at least three references. 
Research the internet regarding the subject, and see what information you can find. Cite each of the resources that you used in your reference list.  Please do not use the textbook as a reference.
Please respond to the following questions:

I.  What is police discretion?

II.  Do you consider police discretion ethically wrong, or a form of misconduct on the part of the police?  Or...... is it a good thing to have and use. How do you feel about the practice?

III.  If you were a supervisor within a police department, how would you manage or control the discretionary practices of your officers?

IV.  Any final comments on the police use of discretion (concluding comments on the practice).

You should cite at least three references (Web sites, journals, books, etc...) in writing your paper. Do not use your textbook as a reference. Your paper should be double spaced. You should use a Times Roman font, size 12.  Place page numbers in the upper right corner of your pages. The last page of your paper should list the references that you used. The reference page should not be counted as part of the four pages.

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