Discrimination Against Gays - Song

Discrimination Against Gays - Song

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In ah mi box….
Mi ah name Geoffrey,
Geoffrey Gooding oui,
Born, 18 May, 1983
Sex, Male,
Or so mi taught
Or so mi act.
God granted me with a dick,
So me, name Man...

I got the good Looks.
Am slim and tall, Muscular..And that’s not all…
Let meh surprise you..
My favorite color is pink..
I hate rough sports,
I model and was self taught…
And to conclude, I Like Men
No I love Men
I am GAY.
Yes I am gay but you won’t know it
This is so, because society’s against it
My Kind..

I act against my nature
I suck it all in
Because who I am is considered a blatant sin
They call me hate names.
They even kill; physically and mentally abuse us gays.
It’s the reasons we have to be secretive about our ways..
At night we come out..
For in my country Kingston Jamaica,
You will haffi be knocked out,
Knocked out, as in dead.
They gonna put ah bullet to your head.

We gays face real harsh times,
It’s a surprise we still exist.
We are discriminated against in our jobs.
We aren’t allowed to marry in some countries, or even to show our affection in public places.
We haffi stay in our box,
hide our feelings.
Lie to ourselves,
Our every part,
Our every being.
We haffi Change if we wa be accepted.
If not we we gotta stay in ah we box.
But I wa be free.
I wa see da day when me n Harry can be,
Be ourselves hand in hand ,
Be married, Adopt kids.
But, guess , we’ll have to wait and see.
But for now I will hide inna me box.
Will hide my tears , lusts, discomforts and all,
Till da walls and barriers of hate against gays fall.

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