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Opening the door and walking in, you strike a grey plastic garbage can
with your foot. You then look up to see a Red framed bed covered by blue sheets, and a fluffy quilt, across the room. The cold floorboard ground is ruined by cracks and splits, held together with rusty nails.

Next to the garbage can is a white plastic clothesbasket. This is
jammed tight between the garbage can and the computer desk, which sits near the corner next to the television.
The tops of the desk are white, but the supports are black. Junk and rubbish lye on the bottom shelf while the top is scattered with schoolbooks and an old-school IBM computer.
Next to the Computer, hanging on the different shades of blue coloured old and rigid
painted walls, is a competition soccer ball which is siting on a rack also holding a wide range of soccer boots. Under the rack is a light switch, and next to it is a black
     The next wall is bare, but in the corner, where the third wall meets it,
there are six shelves. Those shelves have many different types of soccer trophies.
One of the shelves has a second black light on it.

The shelves meet a window,
which is covered by some black Holden curtains.
     At the end of the bed, on the final wall, their is a set of drawers packed with my clothes, and sitting on top, is a soccer ball alarm clock waiting to wake me up from my slumber in the morning.

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