Discuss Briefly the Plot of Romeo and Juliet, When It Was Set and What Genre of Shakespeare Play It Is.

Discuss Briefly the Plot of Romeo and Juliet, When It Was Set and What Genre of Shakespeare Play It Is.

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Romeo and Juliet is a play written in 1597 by William Shakespeare. The play is a romantic tragedy about two star-crossed lovers who fall deeply in love with eachother despite being from opposing families; Romeos family the Montagues and Juliets family the Capulets. They get married and plan to run away from the family fued until Romeo kills Juliets cousin Tybalt (during the key scene), where thereforth their plans fails and collapses and the two lovers die together.

Romeo and Juliet is written in the Elizabethan era. Plays written then and now are different. For example, the marriage between a 14 year old girl and a 17 year old boy would have been accepted where as now it is illegal. Also, during the Elizabethan era women didn't have as much freedom. It was common during those times for the daughter to be owned by her father until she is married, where she then becomes property of her husband. Now women have a lot more freedom and rights. In Romeo and Juliet, audiences during the Elizabethan times would have been shocked at Juliet disobeying her family, where as in modern times this would not have such an impact on the audience.

There is a variety of themes through out this play such as love, hate, sorrow, happiness, tragedy and revenge. The key scene reflects hatred when Mercutio curses both Montagues and Capulets for the brawl that lead to his death. Revenge is shown through the character of Romeo. Romeo kills tybalt for murdering his best friend Mercutio. This also shows love; Romeo's love for Mercutio, hence Romeo seeking revenge on Tybalt for killing Mercutio. Also Romeo's love for Juliet shows when Romeo hesitates to fight Tybalt (Juliets cousin), until the death of Mercutio provokes Romeo to fight Tybalt. This key scene fits into the play as a whole as it is the major turning point for Romeo and Juliet as it is the scene that triggers the downfall of their relationship and plans.

Shakespeare creates tension withing the audience during the opening...

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