Discuss the Complexity of Gender Stereotyping in Popular Fiction.

Discuss the Complexity of Gender Stereotyping in Popular Fiction.

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Gender stereotyping in popular fiction plays a crucial part in the construction of the story.

The stereotypes that are exerted are variable depending on the genre of the text .Different

Genres have different criteria’s with regards to gender stereotyping .The stereotyping is

Crucial to the reader’s enjoyment, as the reader will most probably have some

preconceived ideas of the roles in which male and female characters are placed .This

idea varies again due to the genre of the text .The extracts I have chosen to analyze are

‘Carrie’ and ‘Marriage to Be?’ Both are contemporary texts, however ‘Carrie’ is of the

Horror genre and ‘Marriage to be?’ is a romantic fiction text.

‘Marriage to be?’ is a well suited title for the book as basically, marriage is where the

story will progress to .The extract opens with descriptions of an idyllic setting ‘It was soft

, light snowfall, dusting the roads and trees ‘(Gail Link, Marriage to be?, 1996) .The

Extract continues onto an introduction to the heroine ‘Emma’ .Emma is introduced to us

with her subconscious thoughts of repressed feelings for her forbidden love .’Emma

found her thoughts wandering back to the hours just past ,to the things she’d learned

about Burke ‘. She elaborates on this by adding ‘She wanted to reach out and touch him

in some way ‘(Gail Link ,Marriage to be?, 1996) .This behaviour is stereotypical of the

romantic genre . The extract goes on to add that Emma is vulnerable ‘and she was

vulnerable ’ (Gail Link ,Marriage to be? ,1996 ).The formula in romantic fiction

generally entails an attractive vulnerable female meeting a handsome strong male. The

technique of giving us Emmas subconscious enables the reader to build rapport with

the heroine, which is an essential factor in reader enjoyment .

Our introduction to the main character in ‘Carrie’ is somewhat different .Carrie is first

introduced to us when the buckets of blood fall on...

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