Disscussion Interclean Memo

Disscussion Interclean Memo

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To: Management Staff

From: Manager, InterClean, Inc.

Date: 2/15/ 2010

Re: Management Behavior


These are very exciting times for InterClean. The merger that we have been discussing for months is finally taking place. I would like to thank each of you for your hard work and efforts in making this merger a success. We have joined resources with our leading competitor, EnviroTech. I am confident that with your continued insight and enthusiasm we will make this process a smooth one. This acquisition combined with our new sales strategy will position us for a true competitive advantage.

Manager’s Behavior Productivity

As managers, we are responsible for optimizing all of the resources available us. This merger brings us more capital, equipment as well as highly skilled and trained people. In the few days we will be bringing in will be working to incorporate more than 50 EnviroTech sales and operations staff into our team. When it comes to managing people, however, as managers we must be concerned to some degree with the following five activities: staffing, retention, development, adjustment, and managing change:

• Staffing: We need to (1) identifying work roles of our each sales agent; (2) determining the numbers of salesmen we will need after the merger and (3) ensure that we have the best person as the lead salesman,
• Retention comprises the activities of (1) rewarding employees for performing
their jobs effectively; (2) ensuring harmonious working relations between employees
and managers; and (3) maintaining a safe, healthy work environment.
• Development is a function whose objective is to preserve and enhance employees’
competence in their jobs through improving their knowledge, skills,
abilities, and other characteristics; HR specialists use the term competencies to
refer to these items.
• Adjustment comprises activities intended to maintain compliance...

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