Dissertation Tips

Dissertation Tips

Tips for writing your dissertation

General tips

Marking criteria
An essential first step is to look at the criteria that are used to mark dissertations. Examining the criteria for the higher marks will provide an indication of what your dissertation should contain. The descriptions for the lower marks will provide you with indicators of what to avoid. The marking criteria are currently being updated and will be available shortly.

Full guidelines
Full details of how to format your dissertation are available at this link:

Although the guidelines at this link refer to the degree of MSc by research they also apply to the taught Masters undertaken at the Department of Health Sciences. You should ensure that your dissertation is consistent with these guidelines.

It is important that you reference your work correctly to avoid plagiarism, the major form of academic misconduct. Please consult the postgraduate programme handbook and the academic integrity tutorial for further details, available at the Yorkshare VLE:

Word limit and credits
The table below summarises the word limit and the credits for the dissertations of the different courses at the Department of Health Sciences.

|Course |Word limit |Credits for dissertation |
|Masters in Public Health |16,000 |60 |
|Masters in Public Health (International) |16,000 |60 |
|MSc in Health Sciences (Health Services Research) |20,000 |100 |
|MSc in Health Sciences (Cancer Epidemiology) |16,000...

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