Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing


1) Objective

The objective of the project work is to groom the conceptual and analytical skills of the students by assigning different software development problems and making them learn to integrate multidisciplinary concepts, tools and techniques to solve these problems.

2) Types of the Project

The project should be functional software module(s) that implements solution to a real life problem in computers.

3) Project Synopsis

A student shall be required to prepare a synopsis on the project in consultation with the project supervisor. The synopsis should be submitted to THE COORDINATOR – MCA/BCA. The synopsis should include the introduction of the research topic (Rationale), Research objectives/problem definition, Research design and methodology of the proposed project to be undertaken and expected findings. Student need to demonstrate the working of project in the presentations as scheduled by the department. Student need to submit hard copy as well as the soft copy of the project.

A Project synopsis or proposal gives information on the following items:

a) Descriptive title of the study

b) Names of the students

c) Name of Project Guides(s)

d) Nature of the work

• Purpose of the Project

• Rationale and Significance of the Project

• Background information available on the topic (Review of Literature)

• Context flow Diagram

• Database Design

• Scope of the Project – extent and limitations

• Expected contributions of the Project

e) Technology to be used

f) Data sources and Collection procedure

g) Flow of work

h) Bibliography

If Project Synopsis is approved, proceed further as listed below, else revise the synopsis untill approved.


The project report should be prepared in the following format:

• Cover and Title Page

• Certifcate of...

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