District 9 & Migrant Hostel

District 9 & Migrant Hostel

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Business Plan template
A good business plan can help you secure finance, define the direction of your business and create strategies to achieve your goals. The business.gov.au Business Plan template steps you through the process of creating a solid, well-structured plan tailored to your business.

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[Tinashe M]
[Tinashes Parlor]
[Fowler Street]
[Tinashes Parlor]
Business Plan
Prepared: 10/06/15
Business Plan Summary (DO THIS LAST)
[Your business summary should be no longer than a page and should focus on why your business is going to be successful. Your answers below should briefly summarise your more detailed answers provided throughout the body of this plan.]
The Business
Business name: [Enter your business name as registered in your state/territory. If you have not registered your business name, add your proposed business name.]
Business structure: [Sole trader, partnership, trust, company.]
Business location: [Main business location]
Business owner(s): [List all of the business owners.]
Relevant owner experience: [Briefly outline your experience and/or years in the industry and any major achievements/awards.]
Products/services: [What products/services are you selling? What is the anticipated demand for your products/services?]
The Market
Target market:
[Who are you selling to? Why would they buy your products/services over others?]
Marketing strategy:
[How do you plan to enter the market? How do you intend to attract customers? How and why will this work?]
The Future
Vision statement:
[The vision...

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