Diversified Business Communications

Diversified Business Communications

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Press Releases

November 11, 2008

Portland, ME

Diversified Business Communications, a US-based trade show, publishing and eMedia company, has formed a partnership with Kristin Petrovich and acquired an equity stake in HD Expo Inc.

HD Expo Inc, located in Burbank, California, presents 50 days of workshops and education for the high definition production and content creation communities. In addition to its face to face events, HD Expo (hdexpo.net) has an online content creation community, Createasphere.

“Diversified is actively looking for opportunities to partner and acquire strong industry franchises,” said Nancy Hasselback, President and CEO of Diversified Business Communications. “The HD Expo team, led by Kristin Petrovich, brings a depth of experience and expertise in the growing entertainment technology community.”

Kristin Petrovich will lead this division under the name HD Expo, LLC. “We are excited about the future growth opportunities for our product portfolio as part of Diversified,” Petrovich commented. “Diversified is a leading trade show organization, which will support the expansion of our division and the company’s management and corporate values, complement those which we have developed over the last few years.”

Since Ms. Petrovich launched the first HD Expo in 2001, the company has grown to four annual events in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. In addition to its online community, the company offers a range of professional workshops addressing a number of fundamental and rapidly evolving technologies that dramatically impact the content creation community. These workshops are presented as part of the HD EXPO events and as stand-alone events throughout the country.

Diversified Business Communications, based in Portland, Maine, provides information and market access through trade exhibitions, magazine publishing, and online resources...

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