Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

Changing World and Changing Work

Over the semester, we have learned a lot of information about the training industry and how quickly it changes. One training trend that we have not explored this semester is Diversity. Diversity Training can be a critical topic in its own right. Because of the sensitivity of the matter companies today take diversity seriously. Diversity training is an old topic that is a renewed interest more often than you can imagine; because of the increasing diversity in the workforce, increased immigration and the need for more “global” skills. I found lots of information on what would be helpful. This paper will report on the new trends in training when it comes to diversity training.

Diversity has been defined as "any difference in race, gender, age, language, physical characteristics, disability, sexual orientation, economic status, parental status, education, geographic origin, profession, lifestyle, religion, or position in hierarchy of the organization" (Johnson and O'Mara). Based on the definition of diversity how any company or school could not understand the importance of diversity training. As I researched this information I thought this might have been beneficial to learn while we were discussing legal issues in Training. Incorporating a diversity training issue could really help minimize possible legal issues.

During week 9 we studied ROI. As I completed that assignment I remember reading how important it is for company to see what they “invested” in, training their employees. Seeking training that can be beneficial to the company as well as the employee is really important. According to Ezine articles, “Seek training that can provide Intercultural communication with team building sessions and conflict resolution skills that will enhance the relationships within the organization.” Diversity training creates an awareness that allows employees and managers to discover self-awareness, values and beliefs, and...

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