Diversity Management Plan for the American Ceo and Her Company

Diversity Management Plan for the American Ceo and Her Company

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In this paper I will discuss keys to successful diversity management, and some diversity
challenges and opportunities related to entering the India market and to developing the U.S.-
India teams. Lastly I will go into each element (recruiting, selection, orientation, training and
development), and discuss the rationale for each, and how each one addresses the diversity
Let me begin with the keys to successful diversity management which include:

Organization chart/reporting structures, Job assignments, Career development paths and

Employee benefits.

Organization chart/reporting structures must be business-focused. The decisions are taken

on the composition of both, must be and be seen as independent, of issues that hinges on

nationality, race, gender etc. The HR should make sure and should bring to me (the CEO), the

possible (negative) perceptions that employees, shareholders and members of the public may

have, coming from the perspective of (the need to have) diversity. If we have both Indian and

US employees on the team this should not be a problem.

Job assignments the company should be consistent in identifying the most qualified

candidate for assignments, especially key/high profile ones. The HR team should initiate and

implement policies and processes that provide an equitable platform for eligible employees to

express their interest in job postings. There also must be diligence to ensure that internal

openings are made available to existing staff members before they are advertised externally. If it

is necessary to open up the company’s options to attract outside applications at the same time as

inside, then the interview and selection processes must be big enough to withstand any possible

occurrences of discrimination and favoritism.

Career development paths- If you have employees that are identified as high-potentials,

(management potential) they should...

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