Diversity of the Scope of Management in Organizations

Diversity of the Scope of Management in Organizations

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Learning Outcomes

The student should be able to demonstrate:
* A basic knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the scope of management in organisations
* The ability to undertake basic research and to communicate information effectively in both oral and written form
* A basic knowledge of the underlying concepts and principles related to entrepreneurial activities and their management


This group assignment represents 50% of the total marks for this module.

This assignment is divided into 2 parts:
* Part A - Report (70%)
* Part B - Presentation (30%)

The group report length should be 1,500 words. You should state the number of words used on the cover of the assignment. You may include diagrams or figures, reference and bibliography lists and any appendices without word penalty. The standard sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed. The penalties will be as follows:

1 -10% excess | no penalty |
11-20% excess | 3 marks reduction |
21-30% excess | 6 marks reduction |
31-40% excess | 9 marks reduction |


You are required to use relevant sources to support your answer and the application within ANY of the organizations given below:

* Petronas
* Starbucks
* Google
* Airasia
* Malaysian Airlines
* Maxis
* Maybank
* Tenaga Nasional
* Nestle
* Proton

Part A - Report

Write a group report on the contribution that any Two  Mega environmental factors and Two Task environmental factors have on the success of an organisation, from the lists below".

Mega environment
i) International element
ii) Economic element
iii) Technological element
iv) Sociocultural element
v) Legal-political element

Task environment
i) Customers & Clients
ii) Competitors
iii) Labour
iv) Supplier
v) Government Agencies

Each member of the...

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