Diversity Paper

Diversity Paper

Diversity Paper

The purpose of this paper is to discuss four types of diversity, demographic characteristics, and the impact they have on individual behavior. Using gender, age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status the paper will outline how these components effect individual behavior.


There are many components being that have a significant effect on our individual behavior. This paper will take a look at gender, age, ethnicity, as well as socioeconomic status and evaluate how these components affect individual behavior.

Decades ago, the boardrooms in organizations were infamous for being dominated by males with their female counterparts performing in secretarial and other subordinate roles. During those times when male partner worked outside the house and the female partner was responsible for operating the household. It was not unusual for the wife (or partner) to pay the bills month as a part of running the household however the male counterpart is who brought home the earnings for the bills to be paid. Since then, housewives have hung up their aprons and the secretaries began to demand more from their work experience and move into influential positions which included areas in finance. Through higher education and training, we are now seeing a critical mass of females in leadership positions in some of the Fortune 100 companies of today.

Over time we have watched the gender wall being slowly broken down as females continue to enter into a field that was once considered to be the “men’s only club.” The difference in wages, treatment, and status has also changed from the formal backgrounds in the area of finance in the workplace. We are now seeing the CFO’s (Chief Financial Officers), CEO’s (Chief Executive Officers), and ED’s (Executive Directors) as females which is a far cry from the norm that had been seemingly established so many years ago.


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