Divide by Two Plot

Divide by Two Plot

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Divide by Two
By Francisco Arcellana


Belle and his husband (the speaker), saw their neighbor setting down a line of adobe blocks across the lawn between their cottages. She told her husband that the neighbor’s wife does not like her and asks her husband to do something about it; however, her husband doesn’t want to do anything about her complaints.


The couple had a small fight. Belle thinks that the neighbor’s wife does not like her because of the neighbor’s husband being friendly to her, but Belle’s husband points out that no wife would be happy if other people, especially Belle who is married, get so close to their husband.


Belle noticed and told her husband that the division of their lawn was not equal and the neighbors halve is larger than theirs. Belle persuaded her husband to write a letter to the neighbors since they do not know them well enough, to inform them of being not so neighborly. Belle’s husband then pulls out his portable typewriter to write the letter and send it to their neighbors.


Their neighbors received the letter, the neighbor’s husband responses and walked down to Belle’s house, he told Belle’s husband, who is waiting at the porch, if they could talk on the street.
As their conversation grew longer, Belle’s husband started raising his voice, a fight was brewing between the two, as their other neighbors began to come out on their porches to see what is going on.


As their neighbors watch, Belle’s husband looks to their door to see if Belle was standing on the porch, Belle wasn’t there, he was about to end the conversation when he heard Belle’s voice shouting at the man’s face. He yelled at Belle saying “For Christ’s sake Belle, this is man’s work”, but the anger fueled Belle didn’t hear him and continues her fury, and then she drags Belle out of the scene.


I think there was really no resolution in this short...

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