divided by two

divided by two

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Belle and his husband (the speaker) , saw their neighbor setting down a line of adobe blocks across the lawn between their cottages . She told her husband that the neighbor’s wife does not like her and asks her husband to do something about it ; however , her husband doesn’t want to do anything about her complaints .

The couple had a small fight . Belle thinks that the neighbor’s wife does not like her because of the neighbor’s husband being friendly to her , but Belle’s husband points out that no wife would be happy if other people , especially Belle who is married , get so close to their husband .

Their neighbors received the letter , the neighbor’s husband responses and walked down to Belle’s house , he told Belle’s husband , who is waiting at the porch , if they could talk on the street.
As their conversation grew longer , Belle’s husband started raising his voice , a fight was brewing between the two , as their other neighbors began to come out on their porches to see what is going on .

As their neighbors watch , Belle’s husband looks to their door to see if Belle was standing on the porch , Belle wasn’t there , he was about to end the conversation when he heard Belle’s voice shouting at the man’s face . He yelled at Belle saying “ For Christ’s sake Belle , this is man’s work ” , but the anger fueled Belle didn’t hear him and continues her fury , and then she drags Belle out of the scene .

Reflection : The story tells only one thing , having or creating a family is a hard responsibility , many problems will occur and many rough roads will be discovered in your journey .

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