Divorce is becoming a “trend” in society

Divorce is becoming a “trend” in society

Samantha Ramirez
August 11, 2013

Divorce is becoming a “trend” in society. Many people agree, and many people disagree. Is there a correct stance? No. Divorce is a decision made by the couple involved. However, society unfortunately, also gets involved in such decision-making. What do I think? I believe that divorce may be considered in a certain situation. I believe that divorce can be an option depending on a couple’s misfortunes.

Often times, young couples demonstrate divorce, adding to the high percentages of separated parents. Others, fall out of love, no matter how long they have shared their union. Personally, I think that problems can be solved with proper communication, respect, and trust, all without the talk of divorce. There are times when married people simply lose interest in fixing the problem since they know they can simply turn to divorce, without thinking of the consequences such a decision brings. If the dilemma or issue is fixable, the couple can go through therapy, talk out their problems, or take a small break in order to let things cool off.

However, I believe that in some circumstances, divorce is the best alternative. Divorce is the solution. Coming from a broken home, I hate the idea of a divorce, but I also understand that sometimes, divorce is the only way to keep the family from totally falling apart. I remember when I was a little girl, I saw my parents fight non-stop. My mom was unhappy, crying every night; while my father immersed himself in work. It was clear that the marriage was going downhill. It got to the point where violence was a major factor. My father is a great man. I love him dearly. Unfortunately, the stress and pressure of the marriage got to him. Domestic violence became natural in our household. And at that young age, my sisters and I urged my mother to file for divorce. She was surprised. She told us, that she did not want to file for divorce because she did not want us to suffer from the...

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